Great food @ The Lime Kiln

From the heart of the “Kiln”

Great food @ The Lime Kiln

We asked Head Chef Robert Thompson what his thoughts were on the spirit of our monthly newsletter, and here’s what he said.

We all have fond childhood memories that stay with us throughout our lives. They are particular moments in time that we treasure; a birthday, learning to ride a bike, scoring your first goal, a first crush, the first kiss, summer holidays when the sun shone bright.

While these moments played a big part in my childhood also, a lot my treasured memories feature FOOD in a big way! As an adult certain flavours and tastes have a very powerful way of transporting me back in time to when those memories were made. All I have to do is think about a certain dish from my childhood and then I can almost taste it; the warm donuts with fresh cream and strawberries that they served in Mosney, the Mother’s upside down apple sponge, eating Chinese and Indian food at aunty Emily’s house in London long before there was a Chinese or Indian take-away in Drogheda. Both my Grandmothers were great cooks also, their food always tasted great. They didn’t rely on manufactured sachets of chemicals for flavour they used what they had. Fresh vegetables, herbs and bones simmered for hours to extract every ounce of flavour and goodness which was transformed into Granny Condra’s amazing soups and onion gravy, or Granny Thompson’s mutton and barley broth (the inspiration for the Lamb shank on the menu btw). For me food is all about memories.

Helping to create these memories is something we’re passionate about at The Lime Kiln. We’ve always aimed to create an offering and a space where our customers can sit with family and friends, break bread and make some memories of their own. We feel privileged when you choose us to be part of those memories.

Through our newsletter, we aim to show you some of the ideas that inspire the team here at The Lime Kiln. We will share some of our favourite recipes and tips from the kitchen; food and drink pairings that will help make your special occasions even more memorable whether you’re celebrating at home or here with us in Julianstown. James will also be sharing his (and your) favourite cocktail mixes as well as giving an insight into the best craft beers and ciders from local producers (the man knows his stuff)!

So stick with us, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

Robert & James

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